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We at Seaton Plumbing & Heating are pleased to offer installation and servicing of all types of gas fired boilers, gas fires hobs and cookers. We provide competitive pricing on a wide array of boiler and gas fire brands and products, and we can assist you in every step of your installation process, from initial planning to final finishing touches.

Looking to upgrade your boiler system? A new combi boiler could save you upto 1/3 on you heating bills.

Servicing boilers and fireplaces is one of the most important aspects of our business, as an annual check up of your home’s heating systems is imperative for your family’s safety – do not neglect this important yearly task. In addition to keeping your home safe, a regular check up will also maximise the lifespan of your valuable appliances.Dont let Carbon Monoxide, build up. Its dangers are well publisised. Call us today, and book an apointment.

We provide a landlord boiler safety inspection service. We are fully registered with Gas Safe, and we will conduct a full safety check of your home’s heating and boiler systems. This includes an inspection, a removal and cleaning (if necessary) of all components and advice on replacement (if necessary). We can then issue you a Safety Certification for the year. We are registered to carry out the Landlords Gas Safety Checks, and we can issue the necessary Gas Safety Certificate that is required by law.

The team at Seaton Plumbing & Heating is also happy to offer a comprehensive boiler breakdown service designed to determine if you have any boiler or central heating system problems. This includes radiator cool spot issues, radiator valve problems, circulating pumps, zone valve faults, and unwanted bangs and knocks.

Call or email Seaton Plumbing & Heating today – we can provide you with a no obligation consultation and help you get started today.

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The Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas engineers who are qualified to work safely and legally on gas appliances. By law, all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register. It replaced CORGI.